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The organizations we work with are choosing to meet the demands for better quality and more cost-effective delivery of their services by enhancing their human resources systems and the skills of their workforce. It’s their way of doing more with less — the defining challenge of today’s business and economic climate. And BDPA has a proven track record in helping these groups achieve their goals.

Customized Results You Can Use
Since 1994, BDPA’s strategy has been to utilize current workable approaches, combined with unique talent and proven successful experience, to respond to organizational challenges with customized, usable results, specifically in the areas of job classification and internal equity, compensation strategy, and performance management, supervisor and management training and operating policy development.


Our first step in every project is to meet with you to define goals, specific desired outcomes and unique challenges. We know that to be successful, we must understand your organization's culture, ideals, philosophy and needs.


Considering the size of your workforce and operating processes, we often recommend formation of both a management and employee group. The management group assists with a holistic leadership perspective, and offers the opportunity to identify specific needs and review project results. Employees provide valuable insight and recommendations and they see the working environment with a unique perspective. BDPA knows that employee involvement and information sharing is essential to acceptance and buy-in, and understands the value of combined views to reach successful outcomes.


Designing or refining successful programs and systems requires an in-depth understanding of your operations, goals, and needs. It requires ongoing communication with all stakeholders invested in the process. We believe the continued communication and sharing of information throughout a project is necessary to achieve the desired results and to facilitate implementation and administration of resulting recommendations.


While BDPA is able to provide standardized, off-the-shelf products, we believe that your organization needs a solution-oriented consulting staff that has both the practical experience and professional understanding of a variety of current and progressive applications. Our final products contain design structures and recommendations based upon current best practices adapted to your specific requirements. With knowledge of both ‘state of the art’ and ‘state of the practice,’ BDPA puts research and best practices into action by working with you to ensure a customized outcome specifically for you.

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