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BDPA principals Andrea Fogleman and Bonnie Brazier are the primary consultants for all projects. They are responsible for the planning, direction, and evaluation of all client projects. BDPA also maintains a network of professional associates and technical experts who work on a project basis as appropriate.


Andrea Fogleman - President and Principal Consultant

Andrea Fogleman has designed and managed employee services and human resource systems in public, non-profit and private organizations. She has directed multiple classification and compensation projects, restructured benefits programs for cost containment, implemented performance management programs, and supervised large and small staffs.

With direct, hands-on experience, she has helped many diverse groups achieve their organizational goals through creative and cost-effective means. She is the firm's leader in classification studies, job evaluation system design, pay plan development, market research and analysis, and total compensation programs.

Ms. Fogleman's accomplishments include:

  • Lead consultant for compensation studies. She has designed and facilitated implementation of state-of-the-art pay systems that are legally defensible and tailored to unique needs of public sector organizations, non-profit agencies and small businesses.
  • Lead consultant for classification and job evaluation systems, including internal equity analyses and organizational structure review, position review processes, and associated employee relations issues.
  • Lead consultant for organizational reviews and reformatting.
  • Development of alternative rewards programs, tailoring components to the unique needs of individual clients.
  • Designed, developed and managed a municipality's pay for performance plan, when "cost of living" increases were the norm and pay for performance was a major step of progress for public employers.
  • Designed, implemented and managed a flexible benefits program for a large municipal corporation, resulting in a cafeteria plan of choices for employees and annual savings to the organization.
  • Designed and conducted numerous training sessions in supervision and management techniques, team building, performance appraisal and communication skills.
  • Evaluated and selected management information systems for human resources departments; managed the conversion to a Human Resource Management Information System for HR and Payroll.

Prior to joining BDPA, Inc., Ms. Fogleman was the Employee Services Manager of a mid-sized municipality. She has held various positions with public and non-profit organizations and is a regular guest speaker for trade association meetings, and university compensation and human resource classes.
Ms. Fogleman graduated from Cypress College in Southern California and continued her education in Sociology and Social Welfare at San Diego State University. She is a member of the Society of Human Resource Professionals and the American Compensation Association.


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